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making managing your draft lines easy

At its core, DraftCo is a technology company. Our parent company Ricon Mobile is an international company specializing in mobile connectivity solutions for businesses throughout the world.

Who is DraftCo?

While developing connectivity solutions for the Restaurant marketplace Ricon learned of certain problems in the food and beverage market that were not being addressed. After speaking with numerous restaurant owners and the problems they were experiencing, the concept of DraftCo was born. In late 2020 DraftCo began to design systems to monitor and manage draft beer systems. Throughout 2021 the product was refined to ensure we would help our customers manage their draft beer systems with intelligent data, reports, and important alarms.

Senior Management

Dr. Kaya Bag –  CEO and President of Ricon Mobile Inc. and CEO of DraftCo.    25 Years in Senior management. Dr. Bag founded SpinTek a telecommunications company in 1998 and later Ricon in 2002. In 2017 Dr. Bag joined Douglas Finch to launch Ricon Mobile Inc. in North America.

Douglas Finch – Managing Director of Ricon Mobile Inc. and President of DraftCo. Over 25 years in Senior management.  Mr. Finch joined ATI Graphics in 1993 as Manager of Dealer Sales in North America. In 1996 he became General Manager of Telcom Research and in 2006 President of Centurion Telcom. He joined Dr.Bag and Ricon in 2017.

Umut Sonkurt  – VP of Engineering    20 years in Senior Management. Mr Sonkurt was hired in 2001 as VP of Engineering for Spintek, a telecommunications and design company. He has been VP of Engineering for Ricon since 2012.

Raul Cortijo – VP of Software   Over 30 years of Software design and Senior management. Mr Cortijo was executive VP of software for Barrick Gold from 2000 to 2018 and Manager of Software and IT for Dofasco/Arcelor steel corporation prior to that.

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