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Every Beer on Tap at a Glance

ZooKeeper allows you to see every draft on tap, current daily volume, temperature and keg inventory at a glance on your Drafts On Tap page. Of course you can see a lot more but this page shows you exactly what is happening at that moment in time.

Monitor Draft Volume

Now you can see exactly how much total draft was pulled yesterday or from 12-2 p.m. Or compare volume between your different lagers or IPAs on tap. Which drafts are poured more at lunch or dinner? Our DraftCo reports shows you the volume pulled on every draft beer so you can truly understand how each draft compares to every other draft on tap.

Draft Beer Temperature

Draft Beer should be served at 3.3 degrees C (38F) for most beers and certain British beers such as Guiness at 6C (42.8F).

While it is difficult to always serve at exactly those temperatures, DraftCo allows you to see the temperature of the draft beer as it travels the beer line to the tap. If we see the temperature rise to 4.5C on standard beers or drop to 2C we will send an alarm to your bar manager to alert them to the issue at hand. Often this is the keg room being too warm or kegs tapped that were not cooled sufficiently. Draft beer that is too warm will cost the bar money! Draft beer that is too cold will cost the bar money! DraftCo will monitor your lines to ensure you are serving beer at the correct temperature and making money!

Internal Keg Inventory

Stop lifting kegs! A full keg weighs over 160 pounds and there are many staff members who cannot physically lift even 100 pounds. That leaves only available stronger staff or in many instances, the manager.

DraftCo monitors internal keg inventory in real time so that you have this information with the click of your mouse. See how much volume is left in every keg when doing inventory. Or just to understand which kegs will probably run empty that day. DraftCo removes the need to send 2 people to the keg room every Monday for 30 to 60 minutes or the manager doing it alone. DraftCo also prevents anyone from hurting their back lifting heavy kegs while doing inventory. Injured employees and compensation claims are not what any establishment wants at any time.

Looking For More Information?

Get in touch with our sales staff to learn more about our Zookeeper platform, and how it can help your establishment save money!

Glycol Monitor

DraftCo monitors the Glycol pump to make sure the system is working the way you want it to. A dead glycol pump is a lot of lost sales.  DraftCo can alert your service provider with alerts early on in the process ensure they have a technician available. The difference between alerting a technician at 2pm versus 8pm can be a lot of lost draft sales. Your glycol

When to change your glycol. It is recommended that glycol be changed every 9 months to one year. Simply put glycol loses its ability to remain cooled to the lower temperature set. Along with evaporation there is slow cooling degradation of the glycol. DraftCo monitors the glycol temperature and as we see the degradation we can send a report to you and your technician.  It hurts spending preventative care money as you question whether we could have gone longer but at the same time do not want to find out the hard way it should have been done.  Technicians can share DraftCo’s report with you so there are no questions that the glycol is failing and the time for replacement is now.

Monitor Your Keg Room

You know the keg room should be around 3-3.3C but maybe someone in the kitchen wants to keep produce in there and turns it up to 4.5C? Not a lot but it sure affects the standing temperature of your beer kegs and the temperature your draft beer is being served at. No glycol system is capable of cooling your beer down 2C so it is important that the draft leaves the keg at the correct temperature.

DraftCo monitors your keg room 24/7 and will alert you should the temperature setting of the keg room rise above your predetermined threshold and remain there too long. There are many reasons why the keg room temperature may rise but if it remains above your set parameters, beer sales will be affected.


The keg room is a small, enclosed room with any number of CO2 lines pushing CO2 into the kegs. Any leak for any reason allows the CO2 to displace the oxygen in the room and if someone enters the room they could suddenly be disoriented and dizzy. DraftCo monitors the CO2 levels in your keg room at all times and reports any rise in levels above a safe environmental threshold.

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