The Implementation Process

First Things First

Contact either your current draft system service dealer or sales@DraftCo.ca directly to get things started. If your service provider is not currently a partner with DraftCo we will create a dealer relationship with them. It is DraftCo’s intent to have our products installed and serviced by someone you know and trust.

Easy, Hassle Free, Guaranteed

At DraftCo we are not big on BS or small print, or marketing lies. We tell you the price* and it is the price. We tell you our features and we make sure they work. Every establishment pays the exact same price based on number of draft lines. If you have 1000 sites you still pay the same price for the simple reason that we are giving you 1000 times the benefits you had. Once we start negotiating then we need to raise the price and negotiate down. Or we always have a fair price with no negotiations. We like the latter.

Step 1

Establish Requirements

Your dealer will explain exactly what DraftCo can do to help your establishment monitor and manage your draft system and all of our great benefits.

Step 2

Create Account

Your dealer will register you as a customer. A site will be created for each establishment, and you will be sent a password to access your reports and graphs when our ZooKeeper system is installed.

Step 3


Upon reception of your confirmation order, DraftCo will co-ordinate with your service company to setup and install our ZooKeeper system.

100% Warranty

We offer 100% warranty on our hardware** and any services to repair or replace our hardware. (We tell you the price and that includes everything except taxes)

Remember if you are not 100% satisfied after 6 months you can cancel at any time with a 30-day cancellation window.

No B.S Goes Both Ways

It goes both ways. As a valuable service helping you to lower costs and increase sales, we do not want to hear the dog ate the check or it was mailed last week, and it must be stuck somewhere. No, we want a good relationship with our customers and in order to provide our services at low prices we want to be paid by VISA/Mastercard or bank arrangement.

Installation Charge

The installation is clean and quick. A low-cost installation charge covers everything including shipping (except any taxes). This includes all initial setup, parts, and dealer installation costs.

When Can I See Reports?

Your ZooKeeper installation will begin sending data immediately after install and you will be able to access reports the same day.

Log-in and see how much beer was pulled or the temperature of the beers in the lines. It is all there on your PC or laptop or smartphone. NOTE. It will take one keg cycle to get accurate internal keg inventory.


If after 6 months the DraftCo ZooKeeper system does not perform to the level you require or for any other reason you can cancel at any time and for any reason with 30 days notice.

* Pricing is based on per draft line for that site. Corporate access is a separate contract.

** Warranty does not include physical damage caused by human intervention. Intentional or unintentional.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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