Multi Location Reporting

DraftCo was developed so that you could understand all aspects of your draft beer systems whether a single bar or 250 franchise locations.

We Have You Covered

Reports for a single establishment are great if you only have only one location. However, for those who have expanded to 2 or 3 or 7 or 100 locations you often need to understand macro as well as micro issues. DraftCo allows owners of multiple sites to see the aggregation of the all the data in the reports important to you.

What was the total volume of draft yesterday from all sites?
DraftCo can supply that in an instant.

What was the total volume from each draft beer brand?
Or the top 10 or maybe the bottom 5?

What was the average temperature of your draft?
DraftCo has that ready for you.

What if I want to look at one location?

DraftCo allows you to drill down and look at individual sites, or single brands, or how often beer lines are being cleaned at your various locations.  Our goal is to help you with all aspects of your draft beer and the draft delivery system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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